So here’s my thought about Facebook and Oculus Rift.

Okay here’s the thing. These past couple of days, there has been news about Facebook buying the Oculus Company for 2 billions dollars. For those who don’t know what that company is and why it is such a big deal, look it up but you can also check here. Continue reading

One quick post.

I watch a lot of TV shows. I don’t watch them just for fun but to be able to understand how people interact with each other, the chemistry between characters, their face expression. . . . well, basically everything. However, one thing I just started to understand is that………. I’ll get a chance to have someone loving me that is as good-looking as the characters on TV. But hey, if that is what can keep me from investing too much time on those TV shows and having little fantasies about them, so be it.

I have no friends. . . . . A rant from an introvert.

It’s a little exaggerated saying that I have no friends. Well, I do. . . . if you count facebook friends!!! So yeah, I don’t actually have any actual friends outside of my internet social life but I choose to have no friends so don’t feel sorry for me if you’re about to. Continue reading

Why do people hate?

Hatred, something that everyone uses to describe their feeling to something or someone that seems extremely annoying to them. I personally hate a lot of things and…. a lot of people. But why’s that? Why do we always have such a negative feeling towards certain things and people? Is it because of our personality and our compatibleness with them? Or simply “Meh, I just hate them.” Continue reading